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As we began the journey of creating the show of Benjamin's photographs, countless heartfelt expressions of feelings and wonderful stories were shared with us. These came from people we'd known as well as from friendships we were unaware of. Some were recorded, some were not. This section of my website has been included to share some of Benjamin's work as well as your stories and reminiscences about him, his life and his work. If you have a story, a memory, a poem you would like to share, please send it to me at

Many thanks!

To find out that he has passed was not entirely unexpected in that he had such a 'larger than life’ personality and talent that I had concerns about his fit in society. People either loved him or he scared the hell out of them. I could well appreciate his talent. I had seen just a few of his photos back then, so it was rewarding to see more of them on your site.

Your site called for “a story, a memory,. . . etc.” I would be hard pressed to distill my recollection down to something so simple. My time around him best resembled a movie.

My memories are all positive, ranging from simple to extraordinary, including being swept up in the Dunlap Brown feud.

I would love to get together with you sometime, maybe over coffee or a beer and share recollections.

Warmest regards,

Doug Bond


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