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A Brief History of the Process of Curating This Catalog

I first saw a photograph of Bennie’s work at Hunter’s home nearly 10 years ago and have been encouraging her to select some of his photos to use in a show of his work.

To me, there were many reasons to do this. His work warrented a show because it was good and interesting. Since he had died nearly 40 years earlier, bringing out his work might help those who knew him continue to remember him and would allow others to know him and thereby preserve his memory.

I am very grateful and honored that Hunter has included me in the planning and execution of Bennie’s show. It has been a meaningful, sometimes difficult but very rewarding and important experience for us.

Susi Lieff
April 2016

Since 1979 Hunter has kept many of the negatives of his photographs in her home. Over time people who knew Bennie have expressed their interest in seeing the work he created during their friendships. Several years ago Susi Lieff started nudging Hunter at regular intervals to go forward with a plan to have an official photography show of Bennie's work in honor of his life and promised to help her with this potentially overwhelming endeavor.

We have worked long and hard to put this show together. We hope you enjoy the slideshow.


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