Hunter Levinsohn


During the presidential campaign of 1952 it was well known in Craft Elementary School circles that when Adlai Stevenson walked through a room in his home and stepped on his dog and the dog cried out “Ike” he had the dog put down.

This presented me with a special dilemma; my family was for Ike but Hallie, the dearest companion of my childhood, and her family were for Stevenson.

I think that on some level I knew that the story about the dog was a joke. But I did not know how to deal with the fact that people that I knew and loved were voting differently than my parents. I didn’t know the reasons but I did know that Margreta and Saint Julian had very good reasons for voting the way they did. And the fact that they were voting for Stevenson made me think long and hard about the veracity of the dog story.

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