Hunter Levinsohn

My studio is the closest I can get to heaven on earth. It is two stories. The fist floor houses some storage, a work area and some places to put work that I have recently completed or work that I am thinking about. That is work that I am looking at critically to decide what else it needs.

The second floor is a large room with beautiful light and filled with lots of stuff. It has piles of stuff all over the place and empty containers that I buy or find that I think will magically organize my work and/or my life. I constantly plan to clean up and organize and I must do some because I can still get into the space to work. But for most people there is no apparent order.

I have a writing table that looks out into the trees and down upon the house and the yard. I keep sporadic work journals and notebooks that I fill with things and events that I am a part of or that interest me. It is there that I try to keep up with what I am doing. In my sense of aesthetics a piece must work verbally; that is, the idea behind a piece must make sense to me as well as having the piece “hang together” visually. So the time at the desk catching the thoughts that go into a piece are very important to me.


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