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Hallie and Me: the Beginnings of a Political Awareness

I was in the first grade; it was in the spring and we were going to get to vote for the May Queen. We were going to pick out the prettiest girl in the sixth grade to be the Queen. The night before the election the sixth grade girl who lived in one of our back apartments told me to vote for #2, her friend.

On the voting day my class and every other class in the school were led in lines by the contestants. There were three girls to choose from. Each girl held up a number, #1, #2 and #3. They all looked exactly alike to me. I didnít even think that they were that pretty. I voted for #2. I was a little afraid not to since the big girl had told me to vote for her friend, but I voted for #2 more because it made absolutely no difference to me who won the election.

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