Hunter Levinsohn
About Hunter Levinsohn

I was born in Charleston, SC, winter of 1943.

I graduated from Randolph-Macon Womanís College in 1965 with a major in Latin and minors in Greek and Creative Writing.

I am a resident of Chapel Hill, NC; I have been here since the fall of 1967 when I entered the University of North Carolina as a graduate student.

I married Jay Levinsohn in December of 1969. We have two children, Annabel who was born in 1975 and Jacob who was born in 1977.

I have studio space in Chapel Hill, NC.

The best way to describe myself as an artist is to say that I am a reflective generalist in an age of specialization. I do two and three-dimensional work in a variety of media. I find that themes and images that I find important, re-assert themselves into my work on a regular basis.

Iíve often thought that one of my prime responsibilities as an artist is to point out when the emperor is wearing no clothes. Recently Iíve become more accepting of the fact that I often play the role of Cassandra.

Examples of my work may be found at the Tri-State Sculptorsí website: in the membersí work section and at

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