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Politics is not supposed to be a career; it is a civic responsibility. You serve your country then go back to your farm to raise your crops.

The government should serve the people; not the other way around.

Fund raising has become the evil heart of darkness of this political system.

Erasing the “honorable opponent” concept, turning discussion into conflict and creating a “them and us” mentality are not good ways to solve the problems we face as a nation both internally and externally.

Several months ago I went to a town council meeting in Chapel Hill, NC where I live. At that meeting were several grandfathers who had been arrested for protesting in front of an army recruiting booth on the UNC Campus. The charges against them had been dropped before they went to court. There was little to no publicity about a flagrant abuse of their first amendment rights. They were at the meeting to speak and have this experience entered into the public record. What I wanted to know was where were their granddaughters and grandsons? If you are under forty and you are not reacting to a president who does not honor the law, national or international; to a congress and politicians who spend the bulk of their time raising obscene amounts of money instead of doing the job they were or want to be elected to; and to a court system that undoes justice, then you are not doing your job. The Karl Roves and Dick Cheneys of this world depend on your indifference.

This is my reaction to a letter in the N & O on October 9, 2007 from The People’s Forum

Giving Bush Credit

Regarding the Oct.5 letter “Bush’s Legacy,” no one ever mentions that there have been no attacks on our soil in the past six years. Starting with the take-over of the American embassy in Iran in 1979 and continuing with the bombing of our embassy and the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, the bombing of two of our embassies in Africa and the Air Force barracks in Saudi Arabia, and finally the attack on the USS Cole, we have been the target of extremists again and again. No one in any Western intelligence agency thought on September 11, 2001, that we would not be hit yet again after the devastating attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers. We have not been.

If the president (rightly) gets the blame for the mistakes in Iraq, can we not then extend the intellectual honesty to credit him with protecting us from further attacks on our homeland?

Teri Reid

And I would contend that there is no need for terrorists to attack us on our own soil again. We spend three billion dollars a week on a war in Iraq that kills and maims our young people in uniform while overextending our military. It takes the lives and displaces untold numbers of Iraqis. It destroys our international credibility - and the war in Iraq is only one “front.”

Our democratic principles and our way of life are being altered for the worse by a government led by a visionless, unimaginative and cruel administration. One only has to go to an airport and watch lines of people removing their shoes and tossing away their liquids and gels to see who is winning the war on terror.

As I reflect I realize once again that Walt Kelley’s Pogo was right “I have seen the enemy and it is us.”

Hunter Levinsohn
October 2007

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