Hunter Levinsohn

Cranes in the East End Gallery
Making origami cranes from the New York Times is a way of marking the passage of time. I started officially on January 20, 2005, the day George W. Bush was inaugurated for his second term and I will stop on January 20, 2009 when his time in office ends. If they do nothing else the cranes document a terrible and shameful time in our history as a nation.

When I was talking with friends about how I would present the cranes, several people suggested stringing them into garlands so that I would be able to use all of them. I thought about it but decided that these are not “healing” cranes; they are “chronicling” cranes and the idea is not to mass them but to stretch them out to show the passage of time. There are now over 1000. When we reach 1.20.09 there will be 1461, plus a few extra when there was particularly egregious action in the imperial presidency.

The cranes are for sale. I thought about the issue of having them for sale individually as opposed to keeping them intact as an installation and decided that I would sell them separately, but ask anyone who purchased one to choose a date with personal significance and to take on the responsibility of learning what happened in the world on their date. If I am able to show the work again they will be listed as crane guardians.

My special thanks go to Gordon Jamison, Mary Harley Kruder and Luna Lee Ray of the East End Gallery. I am always indebted to my husband Jay and many extremely supportive friends!

Hunter Levinsohn
October 2007

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